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The "On a winning roll" Roulette System

Almost an opposite strategy to the 'Double or Nothing' roulette strategy above, these strategies suggest that you should increase your bet after a winning spin.  The idea is that you take advantage of so-called 'winning runs'.  These are situations where you win a number of spins in a row.  Some systems suggest that you should double your bet after a win, while others may have variations on this, such as increasing your bet by one or two units, depending on how many hands you have won previously.

Often the sellers of these systems will play off the negative reputation of the 'double or nothing' strategies.  They convince players that increasing your bet after each losing spin will lead to a downward spiral of bigger and bigger losses (they are right on this point) and that the answer is to maintain a consistent bet on a losing run and to buy their systems that show you how to make money on a winning run.

The problem with these systems is that the number of times you do get a successful winning run is not frequent enough to overcome the losses you will make when your bets are losing.  Further to this is the risk of one of these winning runs coming to a premature end, meaning that you lose a significant amount on that spin.

For a very unconvincing site that sells these systems check out a website called Roulette from the Dealer.  He doesn't even attempt to make up bogus statistics and anecdotal stories of winnings to back up his claims!