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This site is dedicated reviewing all the roulette systems and strategies I have heard in almost 20 years of playing and studying the casino roulette mini game.  I hope to highlight the roulette systems that will give you the best chance of winning, as well as expose the flawed systems being promoted by loud-mouth players at the table, or being sold online by unethical website owners.

While reviewing the roulette systems and strategies below, please keep in mind that apart from cheating, there is no proven system or strategy that will give the player an edge over the casino. There are however, some strategies that will minimize losses, and therefore give the player a better chance of winning over the short term.

Let me first define the three broad types of roulette systems:

Outcome prediction systems

Roulette outcome prediction strategies

Bet variation systems

 Roulette betting systems

Cheating systems

Roulette cheating systems

These types of roulette systems try to predict the outcome of the next spin based on the result of previous spins.  Let me make it clear from the outset that any is fatally flawed.  This is because a roulette wheel has no memory - the outcome of one spin does not in any way affect the outcome of the next. 

These strategies involve altering your bet or set of numbers played, and/or stopping betting at a particular win or loss point. These strategies have more merit than the pure playing strategies, although most result in a 'loss minimisation' more than anything.

These strategies are the most likely to both win you a fortune and get your hand broken by casino security goons! I have included these in the site because they are the most fun to review, but please note that I do not recommend any of them.   


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The Roulette Systems:

The "Agent 86 Computer Shoe" system

Aha! The old 'roulette calculator in the shoe' trick!  Highly illegal, but such a good story we just had to feature this one first!  A battered shoe worn by a Hungarian tourist in Sydney sparked an investigation into a syndicate cheating top casinos at Roulette across Europe. Two Belgian police officers flew to Sydney to study the shoe design which they suspect could be behind the multi-million dollar European fraud. > more

The 'bias wheel' strategy

I also like to call this one the 'wonky wheel' strategy, which has been around since the 1800's. But does longevity automatically give a strategy merit?

This strategy is based on the possibility that there are irregularities in the part of the wheel that the ball spins on.  If the wheel has a tilt, then the point at which the ball drops from the rim will be biased towards the high point. Other factors like warping of the wheel may introduce similar biases.  But does this bias help the player determine the outcome of the spin?
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The "magic wheel-to-wheel transfer" theory

In an attempt to be a comprehensive roulette system and strategy site, I include all systems I have ever read or heard, no matter how ridiculous they may be.  So here goes.

I read on a roulette discussion forum once that a player in Sydney, Australia, had to endure a fellow playing explaining his theory that the numbers that came up on the next table would soon come up on their table.  The player even insisted that he was once kicked out of a casino for winning too much money by using this method. 

If anyone needs me to point out the flaws in this theory then I suggest you volunteer to have yourself barred from every casino in the country.


Double or Nothing (usually nothing!)

This system is used when betting on anything that has odds of close to 50/50 such as black or red, odds or evens, or 1st 18 or 2nd 18.  If you lose, the idea is that you double your next bet, until you win and recover your losses and even make a bit of a profit.  Sounds like a reasonable strategy at first glance, right?  Imagine for the first bet, you bet $5 on red, and you lose.  On the next spin, you double your wager and bet $10 on red.  If it comes in red, you win $10, putting you ahead $5 over the two spins.  Even if the spin is still black, you double your bet to $20 on the following spin, and if it is red this time you win $20, which still puts you $5 ahead.  > more


"The next spin must be...." fallacy

I am still amazed at the players piling thousands of dollars worth of casino chips on 'black' simply because the ten previous spins have been a red number.  "The odds of there being eleven red numbers in a row must be thousands to one" they cry.  "Surely the next spin has a greater chance of being black".  They are only partially right.
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Soft spin red spin, hard spin black spin


I also call this one the Dr Sues system, in honour of the author who wrote rhyming children's stories with only one-syllable words.  This is a bit of an insult to five year olds though, because I'm sure even they could see that this roulette strategy is a joke.  > more


Past Posting


'Past-Posting' is a roulette strategy that involves adding chips to a winning number, or removing your chips from a losing number after the ball has already dropped into the wheel.  > more


The "On a winning roll" roulette system


Almost an opposite strategy to the 'Double or Nothing' roulette strategy above, these strategies suggest that you should increase your bet after a winning spin.  The idea is that you take advantage of so-called 'winning runs'.  > more