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'Past Posting' Roulette System

'Past-Posting' is a roulette strategy that involves adding chips to a winning number, or removing your chips from a losing number after the ball has already dropped into the wheel.  One window of opportunity you have to do this is when the croupier is checking the number, and therefore must look either to their left or right, before turning back to the table to place the marker on the number. The best position to do this from is the far end of the table, furthest away from the wheel and the croupier.  Another method is to distract the croupier somehow with conversation, an attractive member of the opposite sex, an accomplice pretending to fall over at the right time etc.  It (almost) goes without saying that if you need to resort to these methods to distract the croupier then this will not be a long term strategy for you. 

To get away with this cheating strategy you need to have good eyesight to see the winning number from such a distance, and the hands of a magician to get your chips on or off without being noticed.  I suspect this strategy was more effective before cameras were introduced at the tables, because if the croupiers and pit bosses don't get you, the 'eye in the sky' eventually will.